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Tarot and Tattoos – The Journey and the Memory

When I started writing Queen of Swords, I knew that it would involve tattoos in some way. For me, tattoos have always been a way of marking the important moments in one life, of marking yourself with a period of time held in ink… Continue Reading “Tarot and Tattoos – The Journey and the Memory”

Wolf, Wand, Lion and Sword – A Poem

I carry my talismans on my skin: Wolf, Wand, Lion and Sword. The Wolf is my protector and Patronus, standing between me and whatever means me harm. I like to think that, when I am asleep, it riles against the disease that flows through… Continue Reading “Wolf, Wand, Lion and Sword – A Poem”

Dear 2018

You have been an absolute blessing. Every year, I wonder how the new year will make me better, how I will learn and grow and prosper. I promised myself, way back in 2014, that I would live more and I continue to stay true… Continue Reading “Dear 2018”

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