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Coming Out of the Tarot Closet

Earlier this month, I had the honour and the privilege of being interviewed by Seth Vermilyea of Coming Out of the Tarot Closet. We talked about Tarot, life, writing, art and everything in between. It is really about my path to Tarot and what… Continue Reading “Coming Out of the Tarot Closet”

I Love… – A Poem

I love the sound of birdsong that wakes me every morning. I love the sound of water that is travelling over rocks, or the sound of rain as it falls, whispering into the air. I love watching my plants bloom, as they grow into… Continue Reading “I Love… – A Poem”

Little Yellow Magnet – It’s Almost Here!

It goes without saying that Little Yellow Magnet was a difficult book to write. It was also the most rewarding. When I first started writing it, I called Little Yellow Magnet my little book of positivity. The idea behind it at first was to… Continue Reading “Little Yellow Magnet – It’s Almost Here!”

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