Still Unbroken – A Poem

There are still times

when I feel broken.

I am walking on a path

covered in sand

and I can look back

at each step that I have taken.

Though the ground

may look flat to you,

I see mountains,

peaks and valleys.

I see the cliff edges

that I had to hang off of,

mountains that I had to scale

during tumultuous storms,

valleys that blocked my path

when I was unable to get across

and I can see the blood

that I have left behind.

I know that I have lost

parts of myself along the way.

Sometimes, I look in the mirror

and I do not know

who I am anymore.

Then the light shifts

and I can see that the parts of me

that I left behind are the ones

I no longer needed.

Whenever I feel broken

or I have become lost within myself,

when I don’t know where I end

and where the pain begins

or when my symptoms

raise their ugly heads within my body,

I turn around and look into that mirror

so that I can look back

at every step that I’ve taken

and every drop of blood I’ve left behind.

I look into that mirror

and see the person

that I was meant to become all along.

I am still unbroken,

I am still whole.

I shine as brightly

as the stars.

3 Comments on “Still Unbroken – A Poem

  1. That is such a positive message! For anyone who lives with any sort of issue that makes them feel like life can become debilitating, this is a good way to look at it.

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