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The Circle of the Moon – A Poem

I am sitting outside of the forest. I don’t feel like going in and losing myself within its branches as it whispered sweet nothings to me. Instead, I find myself walking around the edge of the trees, remembering what it took from me and… Continue Reading “The Circle of the Moon – A Poem”

Still Unbroken – A Poem

There are still times when I feel broken. I am walking on a path covered in sand and I can look back at each step that I have taken. Though the ground may look flat to you, I see mountains, peaks and valleys. I… Continue Reading “Still Unbroken – A Poem”

The Light That Comes From Me – A Poem

I am broken and mended, a crystal that has been shattered but has fused itself back together so that it can shine. I am broken and cracked, a piece of glass that has experienced trauma, but persevered because of it, the light shining through… Continue Reading “The Light That Comes From Me – A Poem”

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