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The Many Selves of Me – A Poem

I no longer know my own body. It houses people I’ve only seen in passing and yet, they have control over its movements, its mechanics. One person controls my voice, deciding on the volume or the words I am able to speak. Another, he… Continue Reading “The Many Selves of Me – A Poem”

Still Unbroken – A Poem

There are still times when I feel broken. I am walking on a path covered in sand and I can look back at each step that I have taken. Though the ground may look flat to you, I see mountains, peaks and valleys. I… Continue Reading “Still Unbroken – A Poem”

The Silent Symphony – A Poem

My body is a symphony of silence. It makes it own music, though I can’t hear it. I can only feel the silence as it makes its way through me. The fatigue that takes my energy? Those are the wind instruments. that fly through… Continue Reading “The Silent Symphony – A Poem”

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