Path of Stars, Sea of Magic – A Poem

I look back

at the path that we have taken.

I can see each dip and turn,

every steep dive

when there was a crisis

that we had to overcome.

At no point has our path

split into two.

We have always taken each

bend in the road together,

holing on to each other

not in control but in support

of one another.

I think back to when we first met

and if I look back far enough,

I can see that moment.

It shines like a star at the beginning

of our journey. As I look

at the winding path that we’ve taken,

I can see so many stars that have occurred,

so many moments that were magical

because of you.

Even when I have been terrified,

I knew that I could take on

whatever came my way

because you have half of my heart

and I have half of yours.

Our love for one another shines within us.

I look out the sea that stretches beyond

into the future and,

though I don’t know what is coming,

I know that it will be by your side

with our love to light the way.

As I step into the boat,

you take my hand, and I can still feel

the sound of our hearts,

beating as one.

Looking out, I can see the sparkle

of stars we have yet to experience,

filling the water with light.

Pulling me close,

I take one last look at our path.

When I turn to face the waters,

I can see the stars

that we have yet to experience

lighting our way


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