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Path of Stars, Sea of Magic – A Poem

I look back at the path that we have taken. I can see each dip and turn, every steep dive when there was a crisis that we had to overcome. At no point has our path split into two. We have always taken each… Continue Reading “Path of Stars, Sea of Magic – A Poem”

The Path Through the Trees – A Poem

I am standing in front of the forest. The path is different this time, laid with precious stones among the cobblestones. As the sun moves above me, the light hits one of the stones at my feet and I can see that it is… Continue Reading “The Path Through the Trees – A Poem”

Another Year of You – A Poem

* For Marg with love For as long as I’ve known you, you have been a symbol of strength for me, being brave enough to carve out a new path for yourself when you didn’t like the one that you found yourself on. You… Continue Reading “Another Year of You – A Poem”

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