The Deep Woods Trilogy: Night of Air and Night of Stars!

Hey Everyone,

I’m absolutely thrilled and excited to announce that Cobblestone Press has accepted Night of Air and Night of Stars, books Two and Three in the Deep Wood Trilogy. How awesome is that? Here’s the thing: The Deep Woods trilogy is perhaps the hottest thing I have ever written-I mean ever.

And I’ve written a lot of books. Electric Pink and Blue are out now, along with The Raven’s Curse and the Jamieson Wolf Special Edition (I just love saying that) are all available from Breathless Press, with In the Dead of Night coming soon. Check that out here:

The Deep Woods Book One: Night of Leaves is already available from Cobblestone Press. You can start the story here:

While I will be knee deep in edits with Night of Air, Night of Stars and In the Dead of Night respectively. Coming up, there will also be a Christmas (or Yule if you prefer) surprise. I hope it rocks. I have yet to tackle it.

In the meantime, there will be Talking Poems and Train to look forward to, both serial works that will continue, regardless of any editing I have to do.

However, with four books out and three on the way at the moment, that’s a lot of reading you need to catch up on. Dive in, have fun, that’s why I wrote them.

To celebrate, here’s the blurb for the whole Deep Wood Trilogy. Enjoy!


Nicolas has always had a secret desire for his closest friend Jackson but he can never act upon it. In Salem of 1692, men do not love other men. Nicolas suffers with his secret…until the night he finds Jackson inside his house, waiting for him. 

Jackson tells him that he has been chosen by a Goddess to be one of her protectors and that there is only one way to quicken the magic that lies dormant inside of Nicolas: They must lie with each other. 

When Nicolas’ magic does quicken, the Guardian’s of Diana are threatened by the most dangerous of dark forces: the Shadows. They seek to destroy the Goddess and the very earth itself. 

Can Nicolas find the strength inside of him to use his magic and save humanity? Or will he lose the man he loves forever? 


Check out The Deep Woods Book One: Night of Stars here:

For less than your morning cup of coffee, you can have a hot story to start your day on your way to work. And then have coffee at work. I’m not saying you should cut out your coffee completely. Let’s not get hasty here…

TRAIN – A Novel

Hey Everyone!

I’ve got something fun for you to check out. It’s my new serial novel titled Train. What is Train? Well…

We all travel. We all get to where we are going in some way. Train is a novel that covers the outbreak of the zombie virus cars on a subway train, The Broadway Express and the surrounding subway station.  They are intended only as snippets of conversation and going’s on at the time of the outbreak. The virus continues to spread, but these are its first moments, its first people. They are the ones who made the world what it is now.

This is a record of that moment in time.

They are not intended to be whole, but you will see only a moment. How it spreads like a snake under the tunnels of the city. Train is a novel that will be composed ongoing, serial chapters, or episodes. I’m not sure how long the novel will be, but there are a lot of people on a subway train.

I have no idea where the story will go, but there will be a new chapter every second day until it’s done. It will be one heck of a ride.

I hope you’ll hop on board.

You can check out TRAIN in all its glory here:

Think of Train as a novel composed of flash fiction. Eventually it will be available as an eBook and possibly a paperback, but will be delivered serially for now. The first two chapters are up already!

In the Dead of Night – Cover and Blurb Reveal!

Hey Everyone!

I thought I would share this with you all. It’s the cover for my upcoming release from Breathless Press. It’s a zombie/apocalypse romance titled In the Dead of Night.

As a bit of a teaser, here’s the blurb to the book. I’ll let you all know more as I go through edits and am closer to a publication date, but for now, here’s what In the Dead of Night is about:

Ikarus remembers nothing. 

One moment there was darkness and the next, there was light. However, Ikarus Kane remembered nothing of what came before. 

The world he knew is gone. Waking from a coma, he finds the world as he knew it greatly changed. It is now infested with the living dead. Ikarus has one choice: find shelter and hide or risk becoming one of them. 

He finds shelter in an abandoned bed and breakfast. But there is someone there already. Mikhail Jones is a man who has survived more than just the zombie apocalypse. There is something about him that sets Ikarus’ body on fire and, despite knowing him only moments, he wants Mikahil desperately. 

Ikarus is more powerful than he knows, however. Ikarus and Mikhail become entangled in a fight for survival where only they can save the world; only they don’t know it yet. They are part of an ancient prophecy that has been set in motion. 

When they find a woman named Ruthe in one of the bedrooms upstairs, with no memory of how she got there, things are only beginning to get interesting. 

In a desperate race to find answers, Ikarus and Mikhail cling to the only thing that feels right: each other. 

They will need the love that blooms between them if they are all to survive the night…


New Poem – A Casual Vacancy

Hey Everyone,


Make sure to check out my new poem titled A Casual Vacancy up on Wattpad. It’s the next in my serial poetry collection Talking Poems!


New Poem – Bee Snippets


Hey Everyone!


Head on over to my serial poetry collection, Talking Poems, to read the newest entry. It’s a poem called Bee Snippets and is about the conversation we hear around us.




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