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Gallery of the Mind – A Poem

I’m sitting on a marble bench and the headset I’m wearing brings a voice into my head. Its tones are familiar, the timber of its words feeling like a caress. “If you turn to look at the canvas on your left, you’ll notice the… Continue Reading “Gallery of the Mind – A Poem”

The Weight of Water – A Poem

I’ve been trying to make sense of a world that no longer speaks a language that I understand. All around me, there seems to be nothing but chaos and havoc, mayhem and unsettled hearts. Even as I look at the world and try to… Continue Reading “The Weight of Water – A Poem”

Little Yellow Magnet – It’s Almost Here!

It goes without saying that Little Yellow Magnet was a difficult book to write. It was also the most rewarding. When I first started writing it, I called Little Yellow Magnet my little book of positivity. The idea behind it at first was to… Continue Reading “Little Yellow Magnet – It’s Almost Here!”

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