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Sharing Scars – A Poem

We sat together comparing our scars. Some of them had been caused by others and some we had made ourselves. Many of them were the same except for several of mine. He had no scars along his skin to match them. “It’s because you’ve… Continue Reading “Sharing Scars – A Poem”

The Forest Again – A Poem

The leaves have been whispering again. They have led me to the edge of the trees and I try to look in, to see past the dark foliage but I cannot. I look at my hands, at the scars that still remain from the… Continue Reading “The Forest Again – A Poem”

Monster for Love – A Poem

When I awoke, my body felt as if it had been broken and sewn back together, only the pieces of my body weren’t all mine. My body was re-created, three pieces came together to make a whole. They whispered their names, these smoky others,… Continue Reading “Monster for Love – A Poem”

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