Sophie’s Choice is Published! Read the eBook for FREE!

Hey Everyone!

I’m pleased as punch that Sophie’s Choice, my first book for children, has been released by Wolf Flow Press!

Originally written for a college assignment, while I was going through edits and revisions I gave the story to read to people I knew who had children ages 6-10. The response was overwhelming. Everyone asked when it was going to be a real book.

It was thrilling for me that children were responding to the little book so well. Their want for a real book of Sophie’s Choice helped me to decide to make that dream a reality. And now Sophie’s Choice is published!

You can get your eBook copy for $0.99 here:

And you can get Sophie’s Choice in paperback for $6.99 here:

But what is Sophie’s Choice about you ask? Well, here’s a bit about this young reader’s chapter book:

Sophie is a little Chihuahua who wants to explore the world around her. The only problem is she does not know what it is like beyond her backyard gate.

One day she escapes and learns that the world is not what she thought it was. Along the way, Sophie meets Anastasia, a girl who rescues her.

They both have to learn something important and only love can help. Won’t you join Sophie?

To celebrate the release of Sophie’s Choice, Wolf Flow Press is giving away most of its previous publications free for five days!

You can get your copies here:

Brave Animals:

Light in the City of Shadows:

When Love Blooms:

Mall of the Dolls:


Talking Poems:

That’s SIX FREE EBOOKS! How cool is that? Now, these aren’t children’s books, but they’re FREE! Wooot!

And just in case you want to try out Sophie’s Choice before getting a copy for your little one, the eBook edition of Sophie’s Choice is currently FREE for five days! So that’s SEVEN FREE EBOOKS! Sweet!

You can get your eBook copy of Sophie’s Choice here:

If you enjoy it, consider getting yourself a paperback copy to share with your child, or to read for yourself! You can get the paperback copy of Sophie’s Choice here:

Super cool!

I do hope you enjoy Sophie’s Choice. If you DO read the eBook or the Paperback, feel free to leave a review or let me know your thoughts about the chapter book!


Four Free Ebooks! More on the way!

Hey Everyone!

Wolf Flow Press is celebrating the release of Sophie’s Choice in Paperback and eBook! So, right now, you can download the following four books free for five days for your Kindle, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices!

When Love Blooms

Brave Animals:


Talking Poems:

Coming up for free tomorrow and free for five days will be:

Mall of the Dolls

Light in the City of Shadows and

Sophie’s Choice! Well, the eBook edition at any rate. Stay tuned for a little bit about Sophie’s Choice and make sure to click away and download those free eBooks!

Totally Awesome!

The Freaky Flashes Blog Tour!

Hey Everyone!

Check it out! I’m going on tour! Well, a virtual one at any rate and that is just as cool. It’s to promote the anthology FREAKY FLASHES, available now from Breathless Press.  The anthology features my freaky flash titled Reaping Darkness, which follows Reaping Shadows (also available from Breathless Press).

Here’s where you’ll learn more about FREAKY FLASHES throughout the week:

November 26:  The Divas of Desire
November 26:  Reviews by Molly 
November 27:  Queen of the Night Reviews
November 27:  Christine Young Romance Writer
November 28:  SnifferWalk 
November 29:  Wicked Readings By Tawania
November 30:  My Reading Obsession
November 30:  Tamaria Soana

I’ll be checking in and saying hello when I can as the week goes on, so make sure to stop by the blogs and read to your heart’s content. I DO still have five free copies to give away. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to win a copy. First give to leave a comment win! Sweet!

You can get your copy of Reaping Shadows Here:

And you can get your copy of Reaping Darkness, contained in the Freaky Flashes Anthology, here:


The Deep Woods Book Two: Night of Air

Hey Everyone!

It’s finally out! The Deep Woods Book Two: Night of Air, has been released by Cobblestone Press! Sweet! I’m so thrilled that the second book in this trilogy has arrived as I think it’s some of my best romance work to date. It’s also the hottest trilogy that I’ve ever written!

There are two good things to keep in mind: I wrote the whole trilogy together and submitted it together, so the wait won’t be too long. AND the trilogy freaking rocks. Magic, lore, possibly the hottest book I have EVER written, which means that this trilogy as a whole is off the charts.

I mean, really? What more could you want for  $0.99? Here’s a bit about the novella Night of Air:

It is the year 1692.

Nicolas has been able to experience a dream come true, finally having the man he most wants: his best friend Jackson.

However, there is a price. Nicolas is to be inducted into an order of men responsible for protecting the earth. While Nicolas is able to lie with Jackson and be his mate, he must complete a task before his magic can take hold completely within him.

He must have sex with the rest of the men who protect the world.

Will Nicolas give himself willingly to others, having only recently found his heart’s desire?

You can get your copy of The Deep Woods Book One: Night of Leaves here:

You can get your copy of The Deep Woods Book Two: Night of Air here:



Kissed by a Vampire by Caridad Pineiro


As a two thousand year old vampire elder, Stacia is haunted by her mortal past.

Though Stacia finds pleasure and arousal in the taking of blood, she also knows that she can’t let herself love again. Betrayed by the only man she ever loved, she has carried the hurt of the betrayal for two thousand years and won’t open her heart to anyone.

That all changes when she meets the mortal DEA Agent Alex Garcia.

For years now, Alex has been plagued with nightmares of a demon. She comes to him in his dreams as she came to him years ago, while he was on the brink of death. While working on another case, he is stunned to come face to face with the demon from his dreams.

Alex spots Stacia in a local club, The Widget, while working on a case to find five missing women. He is shocked to see his demon in the flesh. For her part, Stacia can’t place Alex but cannot deny that the connection between them is incredibly strong.

As the connection and attraction grows between them, Alex and Stacia each deal with their own demons: Stacia believes that she is not worthy of love, that no one could love a vampire. For his part, Alex believes that vampires can’t possibly exist.

However, when Stacia reveals her vampire side to Alex, both of them must deal with their demons if either of them will have a chance at love.

I love everything that Caridad Pineiro writes, but I especially love her vampire Calling Series. It’s been a long time since the last book in the series, Fury Calls, was published in 2009. There have, of course, been vampire novels aplenty since then but few reach the caliber and beauty that Pineiro gives her vampires.

Kissed by a Vampire is absolutely flat out incredible. I have always loved Stacia ever since she showed up in the Calling Series and have always wanted her to find a true love to melt her cold heart. I wondered what it would be like to have her as a heroine when she’s been a supporting character throughout the series. I’m so thrilled that Stacia got her own book and it was well worth the wait to see her in the spotlight.

Stacia is a very unconventional heroine and meets her match in Alex Garcia. Both characters meshed really well for me and the romance between them moved naturally with no forced moments. Instead, the love affair between them is genuinely touching and wonderful to watch as it unfolds.

Not only is Kissed by a Vampire incredibly well written, it flows so smoothly that you’ll be done the book before you realize it. It’s filled with characters that live beyond the printed page as you’ll carry them with you long after you turn the last page.

The plot was thrilling, the romance hot and spicy, the action fantastic. Kissed by a Vampire has everything you could want and then some. I loved Kissed by a Vampire so much that I hope Stacia and Alex get another book to themselves so that we can see how their relationship develops over time.

Caridad Pineiro has written an incredible tale of betrayal, love and redemption. It hooked me from the first page and held me spellbound until the last page. In fact, I’d say that it’s her best book in the series so far and I loved every gorgeous moment.

If you read one romance this winter, read Kissed by a Vampire. It’ll heat up your night and warm your heart.

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