Tag: Hatred

I’m Sorry – A Poem

To the man that glared at my husband and I as we walked by holding hands: I’m sorry that you can view an act of love with such hatred in your eyes. To the woman that stared at my husband and I as we… Continue Reading “I’m Sorry – A Poem”

FTZ (Forgotten Time Zone) – A Poem

We have all been in a period of grieving for two years. Looking back at everything that has taken place, it’s a wonder that we are somehow still human. It began with that election that took away the peace of the world. We should… Continue Reading “FTZ (Forgotten Time Zone) – A Poem”

The Weight of Water – A Poem

I’ve been trying to make sense of a world that no longer speaks a language that I understand. All around me, there seems to be nothing but chaos and havoc, mayhem and unsettled hearts. Even as I look at the world and try to… Continue Reading “The Weight of Water – A Poem”

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