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I Am The River – A Poem

I’ve forgotten who I am. Lately, I seem to exist in this constant haze, never sure if I’m living or if I’m merely existing. The fog, omnipotent and omnipresent, fills my mind. I try to see past the fog, slipping my fingers into it,… Continue Reading “I Am The River – A Poem”

The Silent Symphony – A Poem

My body is a symphony of silence. It makes it own music, though I can’t hear it. I can only feel the silence as it makes its way through me. The fatigue that takes my energy? Those are the wind instruments. that fly through… Continue Reading “The Silent Symphony – A Poem”

Stone and Fog – A Poem

I look out at the world from inside of a brain fog. It is a storm that casts its shadow on everything I see. I try to speak but my tongue doesn’t move the right way. Words are like stones that fall from my… Continue Reading “Stone and Fog – A Poem”

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