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The Power of Words – A Poem

When I open my eyes, I am in the dark forest again. The trees around me sigh as if they are content to have me returned to them. I wander among the trees that I know so well but it is as if I… Continue Reading “The Power of Words – A Poem”

Family Is Everything – A Flash Fiction Story

“Tell me the story again, papa.” Chloe pointed to the trinkets that he kept on the shelf behind the cash register. “The one about the earring.” They were seated in his tobacco shop and the last customer had left. The bell still rang every… Continue Reading “Family Is Everything – A Flash Fiction Story”

The Family Tree – A Poem

The idea of family is foreign to me. Growing up, I had a family, but I always felt like I didn’t belong. I was the black sheep wearing a second skin, the unknowable one, bearing myself to every one, the odd one out. I… Continue Reading “The Family Tree – A Poem”

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