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The Path Through the Trees – A Poem

I am standing in front of the forest. The path is different this time, laid with precious stones among the cobblestones. As the sun moves above me, the light hits one of the stones at my feet and I can see that it is… Continue Reading “The Path Through the Trees – A Poem”

A Hand, A Heart – A Poem

I find it hard to believe that I’m here again. I’ve realized that I’ve never really left the forest, merely wandered to the edges of it so that I could keep its leaves and branches in my sight. As I’ve circled, the shadows have… Continue Reading “A Hand, A Heart – A Poem”

Reaching for the Sun – A Poem

Two years ago, there was only darkness. My body had rebelled against me, shifting its shape into something new and, at the time, utterly terrifying. It was the unknown of how my life would become that I found most frightening of all. I hid… Continue Reading “Reaching for the Sun – A Poem”

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