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The Bright Light of Joy – A Poem

When she looked at me, all I saw were eyes that were filled with pity. The tears fell from her eyes and slid along her cheeks, looking like jewels made from her sadness. She passed the jewels to me, putting her tears into my… Continue Reading “The Bright Light of Joy – A Poem”

Share the Joy – A Poem

I was getting off of the elevator when a voice called out from around the corner. “Hello? Are you the flower man?” I turned the corner and spied a little old lady standing in her open doorway. She was the neighbour I had never… Continue Reading “Share the Joy – A Poem”

A Joy All Her Own – A Poem

They greeted each other like old friends. They sat in the front of the bus and I was only a seat away from them. The woman spoke first, the smile on her face giving joy to her voice. She motioned to the man as… Continue Reading “A Joy All Her Own – A Poem”

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