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Mercurial Shadows – A Poem

* To my Beautiful Husband. When I think back on nine years of living with the unseen foe that lives within, I find myself going back through the memories that I   have inside of myself. I flick through them as if they are… Continue Reading “Mercurial Shadows – A Poem”

i know, but… – a poem

i feel this endless need to say that I’m sorry. i know it’s not my fault, that the storm that rages within my skin is not of my doing, but i want to make everything better, want to somehow take away the pain that… Continue Reading “i know, but… – a poem”

what is possible? – a poem

as the sea threatens to take me away again, my first thought is “i didn’t ask for this.” as the waters grow deeper, i have to remember that none of this is my fault, that the disease which ravages my internal world is not… Continue Reading “what is possible? – a poem”

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