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The You Tree – A Poem

The seed was planted when you first said my name. The seed pulsed inside the earth, yearning to grow. When we first kissed, it was the breath of life to the small seed, water rich and pure. The light from your eyes when you… Continue Reading “The You Tree – A Poem”

You Have Given Me The World – A Poem

From the moment that we met, my life has been filled with light. As our love has continued to grow, I’ve changed. Now, instead of hiding and hoping for a better life, I’m living it. Instead of wishing for magic, I’m creating it. Instead… Continue Reading “You Have Given Me The World – A Poem”

Growing Invisible Light – A Poem

“What’s wrong with you today?” I looked up. A friend was looking at me with worried concern. “What do you mean?” “Well, you just don’t seem to be here today. Like you’re lost in your head.” “I haven’t had coffee yet.” She shrugged and… Continue Reading “Growing Invisible Light – A Poem”

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