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The Tree We’ve Grown Together – A Poem

This poem is for Michael for our two year anniversary. I often find that my words are lacking and can’t truly capture how I feel about you, but they will have to do. Love you Michael, so very much.   When we first started… Continue Reading “The Tree We’ve Grown Together – A Poem”

The Old Man and the Tree – A Short Story

From on the ground, Ralphie looked at the other two boys. They seemed larger than they normally did from this angle and their shadows reflected that; when Ralphie looked to the right, he could see Terry’s shadow, impossibly long and tall, stretching across the… Continue Reading “The Old Man and the Tree – A Short Story”

A Forever Home – A Poem

We were nearing the end of the Forever Forest. Sunlight was starting to pour through the tree tops and it left diamond shaped shadows on the ground all around us. My hand was still clasped firmly in yours, it’s warmth bringing me comfort. I… Continue Reading “A Forever Home – A Poem”

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