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The Forest, The Sword and the Seed – A Poem

I have been trying to find where it all began; that seed of shadows, filled with all of the hatred for myself that I carry. When I do go within my mind, I can see only the knots and tangles, thorns and brambles. There… Continue Reading “The Forest, The Sword and the Seed – A Poem”

Whirlwind – A Poem

There is a                                 Whirlwind inside of me. It often Storms and Rages within. When I’m unable to let it out, I find that it erupts, filling the air with white ash when I open my mouth, my words burned to nothing when… Continue Reading “Whirlwind – A Poem”

The Bright Light of Joy – A Poem

When she looked at me, all I saw were eyes that were filled with pity. The tears fell from her eyes and slid along her cheeks, looking like jewels made from her sadness. She passed the jewels to me, putting her tears into my… Continue Reading “The Bright Light of Joy – A Poem”

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