Tag: Multiple Sclerosis

Reaching for the Sun – A Poem

Two years ago, there was only darkness. My body had rebelled against me, shifting its shape into something new and, at the time, utterly terrifying. It was the unknown of how my life would become that I found most frightening of all. I hid… Continue Reading “Reaching for the Sun – A Poem”

A Foot Thing – A Poem

He saw me coming up the front steps of my apartment building. “Hey.” He said. I nodded at him. “Hello.” He got up off the front stoop and held the door open for me. I am always one to do that for others, but… Continue Reading “A Foot Thing – A Poem”

Actual Magic – A Poem

There are some days when I feel like the Scarecrow: made of straw and bits of fluff, with my head filled with clouds, nary a thought inside, or able to pass through the fog that waits within. On other days, I feel like the… Continue Reading “Actual Magic – A Poem”

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